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Ways you can work with us

We offer a wide range of services for both limited companies and sole traders wherever you may be in your business journey. From start ups to established businesses, we can help you select the right services to support you.

Start up
Jen Gates

Help getting your start up started

Setting up a new business can be a bit of a minefield. We aim to make it as easy as possible by telling you all you need to know and helping you with the actual set up too. We can register your company (or set you up as self-employed), register you for taxes and make sure you get the right software from the get-go. Ask us anything you want to know about setting yourself up the right way, and we’ll be happy to help.



We get it. Keeping on top of your own bookkeeping can be a challenge. Even with the latest software at your fingertips it can slip further down the to-do list. We know bookkeeping might not be your favourite thing to do, but it’s crucial that it does get done, ideally done

regularly, and always done well.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of your business finances - the critical stuff that leads to the more interesting and insightful parts of your business, giving you the information you need to answer important questions like; how much money am I making? What’s the most

profitable area of my business? Will I have enough cash to cover a quiet period?

We will handle all of your bookkeeping for you, get you set up with a useful app to snap your invoices and receipts on the go, then we’ll take care of the rest.

John Gates
Duo Accountants Client


Employing staff is an exciting time in your business journey, but it also means new tasks and policies come into play. Alongside managing a team, you’ll have to contend with compliance rules such as insurance, employment law, sick pay, and more!

In industries like hospitality, you might need to onboard staff from day one and be fairly confident with the process, but for those businesses who are new to being an employer, the process might seem a tad more daunting. That’s where we come in! We’ll streamline your payroll for you, setting up online timesheets for your staff and payslips that can be emailed straight to your employees. We'll also take care of the monthly reporting to HMRC and remind you when your PAYE payments are due, so you’ll always be compliant and up to date.

End of year accounts

Year end accounts and corporation tax

These are essentials for all Limited Companies. For an stress-free year end, make sure your records are accurate and up-to-date throughout the year. 


Running a Limited Company business brings with it a variety of opportunities and also its challenges. Year end accounts and corporation tax returns tend to be unfamiliar territory to many business owners. 


Good news. This is totally our bag! We’ll take care of your accounts and tax return and when we’re done, we’ll send you a video talking you through all the numbers.

Jen Gates
Duo Accountants Client

VAT returns

This is always a hot topic for businesses and can be a bit of a conundrum. There are many variables and decisions to make around whether you should register for VAT and what might happen if you get it wrong.


If you want to know whether you should register for VAT (or even need to), we can talk you through the pros and cons. If you’re already VAT registered, we can manage your monthly or quarterly VAT returns for you, no problem.

VAT Returns
Self assessment

Self assessments for sole traders

Newsflash! Completing your Self Assessment tax doesn’t have to be stressful! We ask our clients to send us the required information ASAP after the end of the tax year so we can complete their return and submit it to HMRC in advance of the 31st January deadline. Job done.

John & Jen Gates
Duo Accountants Client

Business grants & raising finance

There may come a time when your business could benefit from a cash injection. 


We can support you in sourcing business loans and invoice finance. We can also keep you informed on grants that could suit your business as well as assisting you with your grant application.

Business grants
Why us?

Investing with us

Choosing the perfect accountant should be up there with the most valuable investments you make for your business.

But value has a different meaning depending on who you are. We all have our own goals and ideas in mind when it comes to taking control of our finances. Whether it’s growing your business, working a shorter week, spending more time with your family, or simplifying your life, we’ll take the time to understand your ambitions for the future and work with you to help you achieve your vision.

For a free no-obligation chat about your particular needs, simply click the 'book a discovery call' button. We’d love to talk about how we can help you.

John & Jen Gates
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